Saturday, 11 February 2012

How to Knit a Coffee Cosy...

...and a lesson in knitting pattern design.

I could present you with near perfect pieces every week without giving you an insight into my learning curve, but that just wouldn’t be an honest account of my experience. I’ve also always believed it's ok to make mistakes, as long as you learn from them!

Finally I have completed my cafetière cosy. Et voila!

However, I have mixed feelings about it. Delighted with the bobble texture of the main body, I love the navy Rowan and white Debbie Bliss yarns and pretty crocheted bows with mother of pearl effect buttons. What I'm disappointed with is the fit.

The first proper object I've made without a pattern, this knitted coffee cosy has taught me an important lesson in pattern making. Even though I carefully measured the coffee press, somehow the knitting increased slightly when I pressed it and the finished object is now slightly too deep for the cafetière. It seems a shame to unpick it, so other than finding a larger coffee press, my options are to i) leave it as it is ii) add extra ties at the side to pull in the slack iii) somehow sew down the slack as a pleat. Any suggestions?

My view is that adding an extra tie to the sides would be too much and the item is too bulky to sew horizontally across the middle. I will keep this project at the back of my mind and troubleshoot it. However, even though it didn't turn out exactly as I expected, it's really helped me think about structure and planning. If I was to make another coffee cosy I would reduce it by an inch in depth to allow the yarn to spread when it’s pressed. I would also look again at where the ties go and ensure the cosy sits more neatly under the spout.

Best of the Rest
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  1. I think it looks quite good, but I can see where it's a little bit too big. I agree, an extra tie would just be too much. I don't have any real advise either unfortunately. Just bear in mind that next time if you're knitting allow for extra stretch, especially if you're going to be pressing it as that can often make it bigger!


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