Monday, 13 February 2012

How to Crochet a Granny Square

Juggling my new job with seeing friends and all the usual stuff, I finally managed to snatch an hour yesterday to attempt some proper crochet. I really wanted to have a go at a gorgeous hexagon three round pattern I found online but couldn't find the exact same pattern as a You Tube tutorial. Instead, I had a stab at a basic crochet granny square. Using the video clip from Crochet Geek (see right), I got through the first round in just a few minutes. It's not quite right yet but I know that after a couple more attempts I will confidently have cracked it. Of course, mastering simple granny squares and crocheted hexagons will mean I can learn how to produce crocheted afghans, blankets and much more. You only have to look at my Meme Rose kaleidoscope blanket post to see just how far you can go with this simple crocheted block.  
Here's my humble first attempt at a crochet granny square


  1. Well done on tackling the granny, and getting the better of her! It'll soon be second nature!

    1. Thanks P! Yes, I certainly look forward to that point. I'm sure it will be very rewarding. Please pass on my regards to your lovely pets.

  2. Just saw this: and had to think of you! Happy birthday lovely!

  3. Thanks, will check it out. Posting my latest instalment on the granny square this week!


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