Sunday, 18 December 2011


My eventful week is now drawing to a close as I sit in a local Thai restaurant waiting for my aromatic starter (if I tell you which restaurant it is, it won't be a well kept secret anymore!).

A great deal of time has been invested in untangling my newly beige yarn today and I'm glad to say, the pouffe is now half complete!

As well as working full-time I've also been busy meeting people about other vacancies on my day off so I can't wait to put my feet up after Christmas Eve.

This morning I baked two batches of pecan mince pies in preparation for Christmas Day. Despite taking a risk and using a recipe from my Recipe Spinner iPhone app, I have to say, they taste rather good! "Who ate all the pies?!" I hear you cry. Well, actually I scoffed three or four, all in the name of science of course.

Better go, I can smell my starter!

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