Monday, 19 December 2011

Star Baker

Here are my mince pies!
Other news today - you'll already know this if you follow me on Twitter - the Hubs and I have been invited to go on Location, Location, Location! The only problem is, we can't move at the moment so we will have to forego fame and fortune with Kirstie and Phil. In case you are wondering; yes, I am a bit gutted.

However, there has been plenty to amuse me over the last few days as I seem to have inadvertently turned into some kind of celeb magnet! On Saturday I ran into Linford Christie and today I met Jessie Wallace (Kat from EastEnders)! Micro G glitterati indeed. Upping the ante, I'm secretly hoping I'll bump into Brandon Flowers from The Killers tomorrow, but somehow I don't think that will happen. Hey-ho!

More crafty news on its way later in the week.

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