Thursday, 22 December 2011

The Spectacle

"Oh what a night.." as the '70s classic goes. I got in at about 3am after a work night out so am blogging from my bedside as I smile to myself, recalling my evening of shenanigans. At one point last night I took it upon myself to enforce a strict podium policy, "If you're not here to dance, get off the podium!"

As anticipated, my rust coloured trilby was passed around the club as everyone tried it on. Seems I'm not too old to party after all. Oh dear.

Anyway, back to reality... Today is my last day off before Christmas so I really need to get the food shop sorted for the big day. I'm also planning my Christmas knitting projects so I can have a bit of a craft lock-in at home with mum.

I'm glad to hear that some of you have been amused by my invitation to go on Location, Location, Location. It is a shame that we can't do it and if I'd brushed up my knitting skills a bit more I could have used it as an opportunity for some blatant product placement... maybe..?!

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