Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Edge of Glory

Apologies for the poor quality iPhone picture (Steve Jobs will be turning in his grave!); I just wanted to update you on the crochet shell edging I have just mastered and added to my tea cosy.

I initially crocheted it the wrong way round so had to unpick and rework it in the opposite direction. It is pretty, however, I may decide to adapt it later on if it's too large for the cosy.

I love using YouTube and blog tutorials to learn new techniques but there's a lot to be said for quality books with clear pictures and detailed instructions. An aladdin's cave of crochet essentials, Jan Eaton's 'The Encyclopedia of Crochet Techniques' guided me through the basics of shell edging this evening.

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  1. It looks good! I love the colour you've chosen!


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