Saturday, 28 January 2012


Waking up to the sound of a bird's chorus is an absolute joy and for a few days I can enjoy such a pleasure, as I relax at my parents' cottage in Norfolk, south east England. The unusually mild weather means flowers are in bloom early, several weeks ahead of nature's seasonal schedule. This daffodil and rose were pictured in mum and dad's garden.

Today I plan to get back to basics by tackling a crocheted hexagon pattern which will be perfect for an afghan/blanket, or felted and used under a plant pot or as a coaster. I will be using a grey, red and white colourway which should look really smart once it's completed. Technique-wise I will also have to learn to crochet clusters, something I am yet to master. The pattern looks similar to the Meme Rose crocheted kaleidoscope throw I featured back in 2011. Check it out at:  Meme Rose kaleidoscope blanket
If I ever create anything anywhere near as stunning as that, I would be delighted.

Following a rummage in my mother's needle roll I thought I would share these snaps; she's getting on really well with her new Clover ergonomic crochet hooks as they are very comfortable to use, particularly if you have aching joints. I've also rather taken a shine to my grandma's old vintage tortoiseshell plastic knitting needles (about 50 years old). Very stylish I thought!

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